OBD plus auto tracking system and diagnostics

  • OBDII and Emissions Testing

    Are you up to speed on OBD II? You should be because starting in 2002, a number of states have announced plans to change their emissions testing programs over to OBD II.

    Instead of doing a tailpipe emissions check on a dynamometer, an OBD II check is a simple plug-in test that takes only seconds. What’s more, OBD II will detect emissions problems that might not cause a vehicle to fail a tailpipe test - which means emissions test failures under the OBD II test programs are expected to be significantly higher.

  • Vehicle Tracking Device in Europe

        There are more than 22000 satellites around our World. These satellites are arranged in three layers around the World. The first layer contains satellites used for internet, television broadcast. On the 2nd layer, there are telephone communication and similar satellites. Finally, there are GPS satellites in  the 3rd layer. When we reguest these satellites ensure that we can reach the position and many information.GPS technology has been used in our country since 2000. Among the usage purposes, the most important is to reach the location information of the vehicles.


    Auto Tracking System provides you to save your time and prevent driving out of work by tracking your car in 7/24. It reports the time of starting to work and finishing it and optimizes work-flow by straightening up it. It eliminates unnecessary phone call of drivers that includes questions like “Where are you?”, “What did you do?” Therefore, you save on work and time in a considerable amount. It also provides you to economize in fuel. By preventing use of vehicles out of work, it controls unnecessary driving, acceleration, deceleration, driving away and speeding up. That will have provided you to save your money in fuel to a great extent.


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