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Auto Tracking System provides you to save your time and prevent driving out of work by tracking your car in 7/24. It reports the time of starting to work and finishing it and optimizes work-flow by straightening up it. It eliminates unnecessary phone call of drivers that includes questions like “Where are you?”, “What did you do?” Therefore, you save on work and time in a considerable amount. It also provides you to economize in fuel. By preventing use of vehicles out of work, it controls unnecessary driving, acceleration, deceleration, driving away and speeding up. That will have provided you to save your money in fuel to a great extent.

 Auto Tracking System minimizes cost of auto maintenance and use. It prevents use of improper use and unnecessary, extra driving due to trips out of purpose. Therefore, it enables to economize the cost of auto maintenance and use by extending the time of wearing of vehicles. Auto Tracking Systemprovides you to livingly monitor your car as an instant and retroactive on the map and see info of speed and time in written. It displays the vehicles collectively, individually or in groups. As a result of that you have selected the points being special for you, it shows departure, arrival and staying time of the vehicles here and notifies you about the waiting time, the timeout in detail.

It reports motions of the vehicles such as standing, moving, speed and enables their tracking via SMS or email. It informs you about final reminders in processes such as vehicle inspection, insurance and therefore, you will not come up against waiting or missing the time.  


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Last modification: Sat 6 Feb 2016

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