Vehicle Tracking Device in Europe

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    There are more than 22000 satellites around our World. These satellites are arranged in three layers around the World. The first layer contains satellites used for internet, television broadcast. On the 2nd layer, there are telephone communication and similar satellites. Finally, there are GPS satellites in  the 3rd layer. When we reguest these satellites ensure that we can reach the position and many information.GPS technology has been used in our country since 2000. Among the usage purposes, the most important is to reach the location information of the vehicles.

    The  use of the GPS tracking system is most visible in the vehicle fleets of large companies. It is alsoused in personal vehicles, trucks, buses,marina vehicles and air vehicles. When the GPS module of your GPS traking system receives a signal from at the World, the GPS modüle calculates the distance and the longitude of the location where the vehicle is located in the World and sends your location information. If you want the GPS vehicle tracking system to make  a point shot, you need to connect to more than 7 satellites. Ofcourse the price increase that you pay for GPS. Fort his reason, it is a negative situation for companies with a large number of vehicles. Because the number of vehicles of companies is very high and companies want to reach not only position information but also vehicle information. A lot of technology has been developed fort his everyday. OBD Plus is among the most advanced of these technological product. OBD Plus uses machine-to-machine communication(M2M) to send intermediate information to the user. This information will send the location of the vehicle, the power applied to the motor, the speed of the vehivle, the locations where the vehicle is stopped, and the health of the vehicle through the satellites. When the GPS modüle in the vehicle is removed as SMS. In addition, the OBD Plus user is warned if there is no consumption on the vehicle that is consistent with the fuel consumption chart that was previously set in order to prevent fuel theft. Thus, the system is both a preventive action and  a deterrent for such sistuations.

    The vehicle tracking system or the GPS tracking device is useful not only for large companies. It also uses for personel. Families often have diffculty following their boys. Thes when they search  on  the internet they encounter OBD Plus. Because OBD Plus meets all of your OBD Plus reguest if you want to  track both your vehicle and OBD information on the car.


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Last modification: Wed 26 Apr 2017
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