Hardware Structure and How Works of Vehicle Tracking Devices

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         The vehicle tracking device is actually a device that we can access to the information of the latitude and longitude of the position where the car goes offline online and the speed of the vehicle at the time. Thanks to this device, we are able to see the safety of the vehicle.Today, the most common vehicle monitoring system with Gsm / GPRS transmitter is used.The reason for this is that it is not preferred because it is possible to reach the latitude and longitude of the vehicle tracking device, which does not have GPRS / GSM transmitter, only when the computer connection is established.


      The simple model of today's vehicle tracking device is as follows.

Microcontroller, Gsm and GPRS modem, gps receptor, and rs-232 are included in a vehicle tracking device.

Gps (Global Positioning System); space satellite system providing location information

Gsm / Gprs: Technology that enables the transmission of billiards through mobile phone companies.

Rs-232:It provides communication with computer through the numbers 0 and 1.

Data from Gps contains a lot of information. By microcontroller filtering we can reach the necessary information.

Thanks to Gsm / GPRS, the information from Gps instantly reaches the servers thanks to AT command. After taking access to these vehicles, we can provide access to our tool's instant location and instant speed

         Today, vehicle tracking devices have been brought to a higher level.On new vehicle tracking systems, the emergency button is attached so that the vehicle can receive assistance from the police forces instantaneously. For some of the vehicle tracking devices, both vehicle control device and vehicle can be tracked. Thanks to it, we can instantly lock up your car if it is stolen, and arrest it by the safety forces. And now with vehicle control devices, we can also save fuel by overcoming the speeding-up in our car.

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Last modification: Wed 28 Feb 2018

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