Using Vehicle Tracking System

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         There are more than 22 satellites around our world. These satellites are arranged in three layers around the world. The first layer contains satellites used for internet television broadcasts. On the 2nd floor there is telephone communication and similar satellites. Finally, on the 3rd Floor, there are GPS satellites. These satellites allow me to access one and as much information as requested. GPS technology has been used in our country since 2000. Among the purposes of use, the most important is to reach the location information of the vehicles.

         The use of the GPS tracking system is most visible in the vehicle fleets of large firms. Besides, it is also used in personal cars, trucks, buses, sea vehicles and air vehicles. When the GPS module of your GPS tracking system receives the signal from at least 7 satellites located on the 3rd Layer of the world, it calculates the distance and the longitude of the location where the vehicle is located in the world and sends your location information. If you want the GPS vehicle tracking system to make a point shot as a position, you need to connect to more than 7 satellites. Of course, the price you pay for GPS will naturally increase. For this reason, it is a negative situation for companies with a large number of vehicles. Because the number of vehicles of companies is very high and companies want to reach not only location information but also vehicle related information. A lot of technology has been developed for until today. OBD Plus is among the most advanced among these technological products. OBD Plus sends the information of the vehicle to the user using M2M (machine to machine )communication.. This information sends  to user through satellites the position of the vehicle, the power applied to the motor, the speed of the vehicle, the places where the vehicle is stopped and the health condition of the vehicle. As security, when the GPS module in the vehicle is removed, the user informs this information as OBP Plus SMS. In addition, the OBD Plus user is warned if there is no consumption in the vehicle that is consistent with the fuel consumption graph that is pre-determined to prevent  fuel theft. Thus, the system is both a preventive action and a deterrent for such situations.

          The vehicle tracking system or GPS tracking device is useful not only for large companies but also for personal use. Families often have difficulty following their boys. Then when they search the internet they will see OBD Plus. Because OBD Plus meets all of your OBD Plus requests if you want to track both your vehicle and OBD information.

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Last modification: Wed 28 Feb 2018

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