Cloud Technology in Vehicle Tracking System

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Vehicle Follow-up System

          Vehicle Follow-up System is the system that vehicles can be followed by computers or mobile communication devices.By using this system datas of vehicles(velocity,route,location,fault) can be followed in instant or in planned times.

Due to Data Devices that integrated to vehicles;informations which have taken from GPS satellites,vehicle datas obtained over multiple hardwares are transfered through networks to essential servers.By way of Cloud Technology,the datas have been transfered are compiled and stored with proper softwares.

Cloud Technology

          Cloud Informatics is the base name of network-based informatics that provides share of sources among users and can be used as independent from time and space to store datas for computers and other devices.

Cloud is in network so it provides to store hardly controlled in daily life high-sized datas safely with variable platforms.

 Cloud Technology in Vehicle Follow-up Systems

         Along with the developments of satellite based communication systems,Cloud Technology is integrated to communication devices that constitues a big part in our daily lifes so Cloud System has provided great easiness for humanity.Nowadays with usage of GPS integrated and GSM supported vehicle follow-up systems;

-Identify instant location

-Increase driver/drive comfort

-Ease fault detections

-Fuel level/designate fuel condition

-Calculate the covered distance and estimated arrive time

-Report the obtained data

 Such as variable features is provided by sensor supported,web-based softwares and hardwares.

All these datas are directed to essential cloud servers by the moment they activated due to Vehicle Follow-up System devices.Vehicle/fleet owners can reach the servers that store datas existingly from any web platform without worrying about time/space and do the required interference.All intended datas can be reported and examined easily by allowed users without questioning their accuracy/security due to user-friendly interfaces.

 The Advantages of Cloud Technology in Vehicle Follow-up Systems


With in the vehicle follow-up system,the obtained datas are held,historical-listed,high secured and ready to access by cloud servers.

Usefully categorised datas are provided to use/manage the vehicle in the most productive way.


By the sharing the obtained datas through safe networks;the data losses are completely prevented and with the user limits vehicle/fleet owner have the all control in the system.


Minor and major,due to cloud systems advantages all companies can easily develop Vehicle Follow-up System without additional sofwares or hardwares on management panel for their needs.Optionally updatable and configuratable vehicle datas prevents data complication and guarantees expedient serves.

 -Unlimited Capacity

Due to datas are network-based there is no capacity and datas can be stored without any problems at required amount.It also provides detailed examitation and planning.

As it is seen Vehicle Follow-up Systems has multiple advantages about usage of cloud technologies and provides great ease of productive/planned data management to users and managers.

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Last modification: Wed 14 Mar 2018

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