Work Machine Tracking Devices

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           Logistic and work machines are very important for your company and establishment. Work machine and vehicle tracking device is designed for you. With this device control of the machine will be always with you.
        The device is very easy to use with work machines and provides many conveniences.
Such as;
- Vehicle and work hour tracking
- Driver tracking
- Fuel level tracking
- Engine specific properties
- Work reporting
- Battery volt level tracking
- Engine on and off tracking
- Restriction trespassing tracking
- Instant notification in case of engine failure

      And many more will be just under your fingertips. From both your computer and phone this system will improve your company management. You can see status of your work machines easily and get information about their work situation. You will be instantly notified in case of engine failure. This device that is very easy to install and use will provide perfect connection between you and your vehicle. You can solve lots of common problems such as fuel theft with this device. This device not only works on work machines but also works on private vehicles and commercial vehicles. OBD Plus will help you to traffic your fleet. It also supports error code deletion in vehicles that has been manufactured after 2000. You can easily see you vehicle error codes from distance and delete them. Because of this you don't have to take your vehicle that has service light blinking in the panel to the service. This product released as %100 domestic product. With its wide network it offers conveniences.
Advantages of ODB Plus:
- Because of its ease of use, it is an plug and play device. It does not require an installation and because of this you can directly access to vehicle information.
- It can delete error codes which is offered by no other tracking device.
- Its reasonable price is one big plus.
- It is very small in size and can be installed anywhere easily.
- It is compatible with every vehicle.
- You can use tracking system from both computer and mobile phones.
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Last modification: Tue 20 Feb 2018

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