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              Thanks to the latest technology product, OBDplus vehicle tracking system, today vehicle owners can both save their time and benefit from vehicle maintenance and repair. The studies made in England show that it increases security and hard saving up to %30. 

Vehicle tracking system which developed by SAIL technology is handy, small and pluggable device. And also it can be controlled by using phone, tablet pc, computer thanks to private mobile-aided sim card.
Gps technology, by special satellite on the world layers, helps people to share their location and instantly transfer information. We can use it for both personal issues in our vehicles and also, maintenance and security(robbery, damage, etc.) This feature gives you information 7/24.
With the latest OBDplus technology product, you can provide the control, and at the same time you can follow reports like fuel, fault caption, kilometer, overdrive, punishment, accident, enterance and exit lively and you can increase productivity with curent graphics. You can reach location information instantly and, with the name of the vehicle, it can be reached past transcriptions (road, route, location etc.). Instead of paying a lot of money on gps devices, companies should prefer advanced OBDplus devices which they can reach detailed information about their vehicles. You can easily reach information like fuel theft, the attitude contrary to the traffic rules, driving control, driver information and it is close to a sms to you.
You can always control your car, stop in unsuitable condition and call the driver. You will receive a message 7/24 in case that the car exits the route and OBDplus software is taken off. All the companies can communicate each other due to communication systems they have. It's the best system for the vehicles in the field and also sales and distribution equipments. 
You can improve your vehicle safety by controlling it. Your software is under-control and updated with 2 year subscription support which has given to you.

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Last modification: Wed 14 Mar 2018

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