OBDPlus with Fleet Management Telematics

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OBDPlus fleet management, motor vehicles (cars, light commercial, bus, truck, construction machinery) monitoring diagnostic manage my (telematics director) and vehicle maintenance, fuel management and health checking safety items, such as software, fleet in transportation, reducing personnel costs . The most basic function of vehicle fleet management system is the follow-up component.


This component obdplus GPS and GSM based and plus OBD (on board dignos) has be integrated in the obdplus. In addition to continuous vehicle tracking via satellite obdplus difference also means that the vehicle's OBD CANbus offender to live until they are read from the line kilometers and regularly collects fuel statistics. Unlike its competitors in the market for passenger plus ONS, haifa commercial, ağırvasıt makians of doing business and troubleshooting in vehicles.

Plus reveals a value plus OBD monitoring driver behavior and vehicle management system; break, speed, aggressive driving, the mean fuel consumption is possible to create a profile with information such as the driver. Manage your fleet safely use Obdplus, mind you're staying in your car ..

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Last modification: Wed 20 Apr 2016

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