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OBDplus Auto Tracking Device is totally different from the other common auto tracking systems. Except auto tracking, it supports reading and clearing trouble codes, turning off service lamps and its most important feature is a plug-and-play device. Also, OBD Plus has lots of extra features except these features. We have sorted the qualities below that require a reason for preference of OBD Plus auto tracking device.


• With the understanding of ‘A customer smiling is a loyal customer’, it never leaves customers alone after sales.

• With its people and service oriented business approach, OBD Plus never wastes its customers’ time in the call center “0532 111 01 02”; it gives support directly.

• Thanks to its approach focusing on OBDPlus Quality, it uses the most qualified product in the automotive standards in its products.

• OBD Plus treating in the line of common sense is open to every wish and suggestion coming from its customers. Also, the suggestions can be integrated to the system.

• Obd Plus having a broad vision brings innovations in domestic and foreign markets together with its customers in the fastest way.

• Obd Plus treating with the principle “Time is money” offers solutions to its customers and gives technic supports in the fastest way.

• Obd Plustransmitsthe intended information to its customers in the easiest and fastest way. It provides to economize not only on the time and security of vehicles but also on the time of its customers.

• Thanks to its domestic capital and beliefs about wisdom, OBD Plus is definitely a local production.

• Thanks to its belief about principle of equality, OBD Plus offers service with its reasonable price policy to all of big-middle-small businesses. It provides firstly savings and then making a profit.

For a safer life and work-flow, OBD Plus Auto Tracking Systems will go on doing the best for you.



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Last modification: Sat 6 Feb 2016

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