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Dear readers, In the text, we will mentionabout examining auto tracking system or shortly auto tracking in terms of sectoral and users’ experiences and trying to explain it you by making tiny distinctions..

When we speak of auto tracking, a boss and his/her auto management or his/her desire about managing vehicles and taking them under control comes to the mind. This desire is quite rational. Why is it? Think that you are a big company and have hundreds of commercial vehicle. How can you take them under control? Or, how can you know how much fuel every vehicle consumes in a day and in which area they are driven. At that point, auto tracking systems, or auto tracking, GPS tracking with your own words, comesin sight. I have lots of experiences about using auto tracking system or GPS tracking device. Here, I will try to tell you them to a certain extent.

The most commonly discussed point of auto tracking system or GPS tracking is being different between your expectation and the device each other. For example, in severalauto tracking that you have purchased the device, the price of the installation is asked for payment because the production on behalf of getting further information in some products of GPS tracking is made in an inner mounted way. What are the values here? For example, it is to get live-data of fuel level from the engine totally. What is the next step after purchasing an auto tracking system? Here, there are two processes. The one is that if you have purchased an auto tracking which needs a special inner mount, an extra mount will occur and you will read values more lively. The other one is auto tracking devices which operates in a plug-and-play way and don’t need mounting. You don’t need to make mount and the only thing you have to make is to plug your GPS tracking or auto tracking device into OBD socket input. These OBD socket inputs are generally under the steering wheel and in front of the transmission. Also, these inputs exist in vehicles over 2000 model. If you have some vehicles under 2000 model, we recommend you to change it. The plug-and-play devices are more practical than the devices needing mounting. There is also detail at issue in the plug-and-play devices. If the auto tracking or GPS tracking device you will purchase doesn’t have a feature of reading live fuel values, we don’t recommend it to you. The reason of it is that if the device has a feature of reading these values, it can already read most of the other features. That’s why it will be the right decision for you.

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Auto tracking systems (Auto tracking, GPS tracking) will certainly help you in fleet management (all of your vehicles). Remember that user experience is the most important thing. Please, ask for a demo version before purchasing an auto tracking system, discover the system and use it. If the system is practical and provides you lots of opportunities and has a simple interface, now, you can think that it is the device you are looking for.

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Last modification: Sat 6 Feb 2016

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